Open Concept Shop

Think Design; Keep the Heart

Our aim is to create great design spaces that follow the latest design trends while blending in with your timeless pieces that reflect the heart and soul of who you are, what has and does make you content in your home and gives your home a voice that reflects who you are.

Our Open Concept to designing started in 1977 when we started updating homes to accommodate our growing family and their competing design personalities. While wanting them to feel important and have a voice and also wanting to make sure the home would appeal to the next buyers, we had to learn to blend in their hearts with design trends; not an easy lesson.

Over the next 30 years we updated several homes in many corners of the United States and found that it is possible to blend what is important to our hearts and still conform to current design trends. To that end we are able to offer, in our Open Concept Shop, many design options that fit in with what you are looking for in your concept of updating your home while keeping those pieces that are near and dear to your heart and soul.

We hope you enjoy shopping our unique and eclectic selection of design choices.

Dave and Pat Nelson